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The band Pescadores de Ventanas was founded in the Spring of 2005 by Gustavo Ketupec, and David Gawthorp (England) in the city of Berlin, Germany. After a couple of years, David left Germany and Ketupec continue the project. Since then the band has played more than 200 concerts in Germany and in other countries (for example in the cities of Prague and Copenhagen).
In April-May 2007 the band toured around Mexico and played i.e. at the renowned festival of Aguascalientes. In October-November 2008 they made their second Mexico tour.
The band has produced two CD independently. (The music is available on internet)
Pescadores de Ventanas is a band that plays their own compositions and the musical style cannot be easily described. Gustavo  imagine the name Pescadores de Ventanas came as the band rehearsed in a ground floor apartment with  view to the street. Pedestrians stopped by to ask what was that music coming out of the window, and so came the thought: Seems like we are fishing people from the window. And that is precisely what the name means in Spanish.
The band is based in Berlin.

Gustavo Ketupec  (Voice, guitar, bandoneon, piano, synthesizers, compositions). 
Julian Wright (drums)
Daniel Franco (Bass, Guitar, vocals synthesizers, arranges)

Musicians who played in the band:

David Gawthrop (Guitar, England)
Yaw Dompreh (Ghana )
Jorgos Estrella (Bolivia): Bass
Cesar Nigro (Argentina) Guitar.
Philipp Wozniack (Germany)
Debora Saraiva (Brasil)
Marco Fox (Germany): Drums
Rodrigo Adaro (Argentina)
Rogerio Sene Silva (Brasil)
Leo Barreto (Brasil)
Miguel Bareilles (Argentina)
Raul Orellano (Argentina ) 
Rodrigo Adaro.
Mathias Baumbach (Germany)
Akira Ando (Japan )
Victor Ocana (spanien)